Sunday, May 8, 2011

Punky Scraps

Challenge 15 is up over at Punky Scraps HERE.

The challenge:
No cardstock


It's supposed to be about your favorite pair of shoes, but since it's not up there, guess now it's a free for all.

Here's my take:


Title: White Shoes
As a child, I always had two pairs of shoes. I had a black pair for going to school. And I had a white pair for going to church or Sunday school or parties I never went to or to watch ballet performances at the CCP for free. I liked my white shoes and they are still the best shoes I have ever worn. I remember getting a pair of them on my 10th birthday. Mama (my grandmother) laughed because she tried them on and they were loose on her tiny feet. I remember walking with them to go to Sta. Teresita (chapel). And I fell down when I walked on the sidewalk because of the neighbor's washing. Mom got mad at them. I think I also had a pair of white sandals to go with my dresses. I really should find a new grown-up pair. White shoes make me happy.

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